Nappy Rūtz specializes in enhancing ones beauty by way of handcrafted accessories. We are developers of all things handmade using bold hues, rich textures and striking designs meant to help create your own personal fashion statement. All wares are designed for woman that want to look fashionable without paying high-end prices for accessories that we all crave.

Nappy Rūtz was conceived by an avid frugalista who loves eye catching earrings and t-shirts designs but found it hard to get what she desired without looking like everyone else. What started as a hobby quickly became a booming business when Rūtz did what any innovator would do, she designed her own tees and earrings and sold them to friends and family. Now years later with a large following Rūtz is expanding and bringing her wares to an even broader audience. We look forward to adorning you with our wares. Exercise your Right to stand out with Nappy Rūtz.