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Customer Love

"Your earwares are simply amazing!!! Thank you for always providing prompt communication and delivery- it’s always great when living on the other side of the world aka Australia! I have been purchasing for years and the quality is still second to none. Cherie is a dream to deal with. Love this brand!!!"
- Kristelle M. Australia

"I have the best experience every time I purchased a pair of earrings. Nappy Rūtz provides very prompt service, they were very personable, and very professional. It’s the overall best experience. I will definitely be returning for more!"
– Gorgess Elle Washington,DC

"Anyone that knows me knows that I love me some bold and unusual things. Well back in 2012 I was scrolling through Instagram and came across Nappy Rūtz’ funky earrings. They were bold and extremely creative. I love bold and unique stlyes!"
– FrankieBie- East London (Essex)

"I have been ordering “ear art” from Nappy Rūtz since 2009. I probably own half of the collection. I’m obsessed with her earrings and feel complete when I wear them. Everywhere I go, people stop me to ask where I purchased them. I still have my first pair that was custom designed. They are quality and last. “ Eclectic is she”!!!!!!"
– Davaye – St. Louis, MO
"I came across Nappy Rūtz a few years ago. Can’t remember how, but seriously cannot imagine my earware game without her. The attention and compliments that I get when I wear her creations are beyond awesome. I also turn to Nappy Rūtz for custom creations for Carnival and other events. Cherie is extremely patient and doesn’t mind offering her opinion to help with my indecisiveness on custom designs. She is literally a Godsend"
–Roslyn F. –Brooklyn, NY

"I’ve had the joy of rockin’ Nappy Rūtz wares for the past 7+ years. Every piece is timeless as I continue to receive compliments. My earwares have been worn during many of my milestone moments such as proposal and engagement photos as well as with me as I’ve traveled the world. I adore her creative vision and fortunate that I’m one of her many lifelong customers!"
– Tamika H. Houston, TX

"Nappy Rūtz earwares are my favorite! I have more pairs than I can count and over 75% of the time when I’m out I’m wearing Nappy Rūtz earwares. And I’m always complimented on them when I wear them. Thanks Nappy Rūtz for making me feel pretty and boosting my confidence."
– T. Rogers - Atlanta, GA